Dennis Rodgers


University of Glasgow, Reine Unido
Áreas de investigación: Conflict and violence (gangs), urban development, local politics, participatory democracy, epistemology and representation, Nicaragua, Argentina, India (Bihar)
 más recientes:

  • “Turning Points: Gang evolution in Nicaragua”, Small Arms Survey Yearbook 2013, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013 (co-authored with José Luis Rocha).
  • “Introduction: Cities, Conflict, and State Fragility”, Urban Studies, 50(14), 2013 (co-authored with Jo Beall & Tom Goodfellow).
  • Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century: Towards a Renewed Perspective on the City, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 (co-edited with Jo Beall & Ravi Kanbur).
  • “Haussmannization in the Tropics: Abject urbanism and infrastructural violence in Nicaragua”, Ethnography, 13(4): 411-436, 2012.
  • “Nicaragua’s gangs: Historical legacy or contemporary symptom?”, NACLA Report on the Americas, 45(1): 66-69, 2012.